Learn from Basic Bhangra Moves to Preparing for a Performance. Virginia School of Bhangra provides classes for kids of all ages.
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Virginia School of Bhangra can help you prepare for your Bhangra Performance / Competition.

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Virginia School of Bhangra

Watch Virginia School of Bhangra Students Perform at various competitions and melas.
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Welcome to Virginia School of Bhangra

The Virginia School of Bhangra was founded in 2012 as GMU Bhangra 101 and expanded from an annual summer camp to a year-round academy in 2014. The instructors have numerous years of experience in competitive collegiate Bhangra and now wish to instill the same values of culture, heritage, and tradition they learned while dancing. We seek to foster on-going and continuous improvement in dancing through individualized and weekly sessions that are designed to work at the pace of students. The school will also provide children the opportunity to perform on stage at various cultural events and occasions across Virginia.

Mission Statement

We believe in assisting children reach their full potential in dance through individualized training and instruction. As such, we are committed in not only teaching Bhangra, but also the values that come with it. Every child has a desire to express themselves through creativity and art. We help them get there.

Cardio Bhangra for Women

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Our Cardio Bhangra Class delivers an hour of high intensity aerobic training through teaching fun and entertaining Bhangra moves for the dance floor. Expect to sweat.

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Bhangra Classes for Children

Sundays 2 – 4PM

Children’s Bhangra classes are divided by age into three groups (beginners, juniors, and seniors). Along with learning basic Bhangra moves and form, students will always be preparing for an upcoming performance.

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